Alice – Our Educational Application


Alice – Our Educational Application

Does cloud feel like the Wonderland to you? Alice in Microsoft 365 will show you the way. Alice is the virtual guide through the world of Microsoft 365. Just like you, she thought it was a Wonderland at first, but with tiny steps she has become an advanced user of Microsoft 365 tools and at the moment, she is well capable of demonstrating how you can use the individual applications to your advantage. Alice is an educational application providing courses for the individual Microsoft 365 tools, primarily Teams, OneDrive and Outlook. She can give useful advice about Stream, Forms or Intune as well though. And the best thing is, Alice is on top of all changes in the applications so the Alice content is always up to date.
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Customer Benefits

  • Courses of Microsoft 365 application use in a single application – one stop shop
  • Courses for Teams, OndeDrive, Outlook, Stream, Forms, Intune, and other applications are being added
  • Up-to-date course content with no need for the customer to do the updating
  • The application is right there in Teams, the communication and collaboration environment
  • The application can be used in computers as well as mobile phones – our users can learn at any time anywhere they might be at the moment

TeamsGuard App

Do you need a neat system of the teams you create, and handle team approvals as well as ensure they are properly created? The TeamsGuard app can do all that for you.

On one hand, it allows users to enter their requests for new teams to be created while, on the other hand, it provides a space for the administrators to approve such requests.

Finally, the new team is created automatically based on the approved requests and with the parameters entered.

Active directory

Customer Benefits

  • The employees are free to file requests for teams.
  • You keep an overview of the new team creation, with an inbuilt duplicate team watchdog.
  • The application can be extended by additional rules for a uniform team name convention.
  • The right to approve the requests is kept in the hands of a few approvers across the company.
  • Automation and clear rules facilitate a faster team creation process.
  • The process is completed when the team has been created from the technical perspective as well; no additional actions are necessary.

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